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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 3, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. we're on the scene of this breaking news, a live picture from philadelphia's east oakline neighborhood. there's a fire inside a strip mall. how firefighters are containing the fire and what was damaged. stay tuned for a live report. also murdered by militants. as the u.s. state department reacts to the killing of a second american journalist, another life is now hanging in the balance. help is on the way for the thousands of people now unemployed because of the casino crisis in atlantic city. we'll tell you what's being offered for them. and a live look this morning at boat house row on the schuylkill river. we will be drying out after a round of storms that passed
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through overnight. we will get a break from the summer heat we saw yesterday. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today on this wednesday, let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. the big change from this morning versus yesterday morning, it's not nearly as muggy out there. >> the mugginess has started to come down. it will come down more during the day. most of the areas dry but not cape may. the rain is still falling there. that's a view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. showers are in southern delaware as well. this is the last little bit of rainfall moving through the region. we will be dry for the rest of the day and the clouds that are with us, they'll be clearing, too. the sturz are running lower. north and west, 60s for allentown, mount poconos down to the lower 60s. 75 in philadelphia. that's a few degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. overall, it will be much more comfortable as the humidity drops, 74 degrees, clouds around
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at 7:00, otherwise dre and lots of sunshine for 9:00 and at lunch time, 84 degrees. much less steamy than yesterday. we'll go through it hour by hour when i come back. first, jillian mele has traffic on a wednesday morning. >> good wednesday morning to you as well. following construction out here on 95, this is the southbound right at bartrum avenue anderer it -- enterprise avenue. also following this construction on the ben franklin bridge, it's out there once again on the westbound side. that track rehab project is going on. three lanes getting by into philadelphia this morning. that can create delays around 7:00, 7:30. that's something i'll watch for you and the garden state parkway northbound at route 72, an accident out here on the shoulder, so it's not blocking anything. >> let's get back to that breaking news we showed you at the top of the news cast. this is a strip mall fire in
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philadelphia's east oak lane neighborhood. a live picture. you don't see smoke or flames. the fire we're told by officials there at the scene is under control but as john panfile, our photo journalists zoomsç in there, this is the strip mall where this occurred. we learned our assignment desk learned there was one business inside this strip mall affected, this was on the 1,500 block of wadsworth avenue. this started just after 3:00. it was contained to one store and is under control. nbc 10's jesse gary is at the scene there. he's gathering more information. we'll have a live report from him as soon as he gets ready to stand by with that information. stay tuned. a developing story now, president obama arrived in astonia overnight as this developing story is playing out. the islamic militant group isis released another video, showing the killing of a second american
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journalist. >> i'm back, obama. >> he just said, i'm back, obama. after making some more statements. he then killed steven sotloff. nbc 10's tracy davidson is following this very disturbing story. she's live in our digital operations center. again, isis making another warning, more demands in this second video. >> right. really another threat saying that the life of a british captive is now at stake. now being threatened. isis leaders say that if the u.s. missiles continue to hit their people, they will continue to kill. so far, the white house and the state department have not been able to verify if the video is authentic but they say they're working quickly to do that. steven sotloff disappeared in syria in august of 2013. he wrote about the conflict in the middle east for "time" and other publications. the obama administration says it
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devoted significant time and resources to rescuing him. now, more on that threat. following sotloff's execution, the mass militant is shown holding a man by the collar, said to be britain david haines 1ñ british prime minister david cameron says he will chair an emergency response meeting with his cabinet today about the situation. as you know, this all follows the beheading of journalist james foley. that was two weeks ago. at the end of that video, they threatened to kill sotloff. also we have learned that a state department spokeswoman says a few americans are still being held by isis. but they would not give any more specifics. live in the digital operations center, tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. security is also being stepped up in iraq. the president has approved 350 more soldiers to be sent pto
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protect the u.s. embassy in baghdad. this deployment raises the total number of troops in iraq to more than 1,000. today more kids are heading back to school. it's the first day of classes in atlantic city and for the archdiocese of philadelphia. philadelphia public schools start monday. with more funding cuts this year to the philadelphia school district, we've learned that there's been an increase in the number of kids enrolling in rt chaer schools. nbc 10's katy zachry is live outside an elementary charter school in overbrook to tell us why we're seeing that trend. >> according to the principal here, chris, from this elementary charter school, the two biggest complaints she's hearing is overclass size and school security at the public school level. those are two things here at west philadelphia achievement charter elementary school they have not cut despite less funding from the state this year. this is one of philadelphia's oldest charter schools, it's kindergarten through fifth grade. listen to this, there are 200
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children on the waiting list to get in this year. founder stacey phillips says their class size is about 25 students compared to public school classes where you often have more than 30 kids to one teacher. she's also gotten calls from state representatives trying to get local kids into this school because their parents are worried about the public school system.ç >> they're afraid for their children. the safety situation is furious and the academics, how much are they going to learn and are they going to be able to keep up with our society. >> we know some charter schools here in philadelphia are seeing an enrollment increase this year. what about catholic schools? are they seeing a similar enrollment increase? i'm working on that story for the next hour. we'll see you at 5:00 a.m. reporting live in west philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy's back-to-school reports will continue all week. tomorrow she'll give us an update from a teacher we spoke to at the beginning of last
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school year. we'll find out if things are better or worse heading into this year. we'll have that tomorrow morning in a live report. back to that breaking news in philadelphia's east oak lane neighborhood where a fire broke out inside a strip mall. jesse gary was headed to atlantic city to cover the casino crisis when he was pull off of that story. have you had time to tell us what's happening there now? >> the fire started inside of a day care at the corner of wadsworth and provident. the fire is out. and fire department is starting to remove some of the equipment. but this is the smart start day care and the tricky part of this is, these are stores that are all kind of one right next to the other right next to the other. you have the day care, flower shops and hair care product stores all along both sides of wadsworth. and so this fire that started in the day care could have easily spread to other stores. the philadelphia fire department able to contain it just to the
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day care. i'm working to find out if they have an idea of where it started inside the day care and a cause. i'll join you again in another 15 minutes or so. reporting live from the scene, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. chris? let's get to the continuing covering aof the casino crisis in atlantic city. the governor's office is stepping in, trying to provide help for the thousands out of a job after the closing of two more casinos.#)h(t&háhp &hc& starting today, a a variety of services will be offered at the atlantic city convention center to help the casino employees file for unemployment, create resumes and hopefully find new jobs. three dozen staffers from the state labor department will be there to help those unemployed casino workers. revel shut its doors yesterday. show boat closed on sunday. the atlantic club closed back in january. trump plaza will shut down in about two weeks from now. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill
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henley. >> it is a damp start this morning. that is cape may where the rain is about to end. the last showers are moving through the area. we're tracking some showers and thunderstorms activity. the thunderstorms are now offshore. the showers won't last much longer. and the humidity that was so high yesterday is going to take a break, especially this afternoon. it's already started to come down. we will see lots of sunshine, the clouds have already started to clear in some areas. the humidity and the threat of storms will return as we head toward the weekend. heading out the door right now, clear skies in allentown. 68 degrees. much more comfortable than yesterday. northeast philadelphia has some scattered clouds, no rain there at 75 degrees. atlantic city still cloudy but it's dry in atlantic city and 73 degrees. it will be dry for the rest of the day. look at this, this is a nice breeze, a northwesterly breeze. makes all the difference today bringing in the drier air, making for a much more comfortable one. last few showers, there they
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are, right now in cape may. the thunderstorm activity is well offshore. we should be done with that. then it's going to be watching the clouds clear out. they've already moved out north and west by 9:00. right at 70 degrees in allentown, 75 in philadelphia. and look at those arrows lining up, the northwesterly winds which will bring in the cooler, more comfortable air. still be warm this afternoon. but it won't be nearly as steamy as yesterday's high of 93. 81 degrees at lunch time today, about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday at lunch time. and then during the afternoon, look at the clouds are gone, no sign of showers and temperatures not in the 90s, they'll stop in the upper 80s later today. so overall improving conditions for today, sunny skies and not as humid. highs in the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. got some time along the coast. got the shore cast coming up. >> vehicles are sometimes few and far between at this hour but we do have some issues to tell you about this morning on the local roadways. nbc 10's first alert traffic
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reporter jillian mele has a rundown of what's happening out there right now. >> including construction that we continue to follow on 95, the southbound side near bartrum avenue and enterprise avenue. the construction set up right here. lane restrictions but still no delays to report. the boulevard is quiet, that's southbound as drivers make their way to 76. the boulevard looks clear, 76 is also quiet right now. construction on the northeast extension northbound just past the midcounty toll plaza .left lane is blocked. some of the normal long-term construction. minor accident on the shoulder, garden state parkway northbound at route 72 which is exit 63. chris? coming up this morning, concerns about a possible widespread data breach involving another major retailer. plus, it looks like a hotel. in fact it used to be one but it's actually a first of its kind school in this area. we'll find out what makes this place so unique. plus, a driver's license photo fight. why this teen wasn't allowed to wear something that many other
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people wear when they're having their picture taken by the dmv.
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4:15. philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who opened fire during broad daylight, shooting a child in the head yesterday. witnesses say that child was walking along with his family when a man in a car drove by and started o)j)j one of the bullets grazed the 9-year-old boy's head. a bystander ran to help. >> what touched me most was, please, sir, don't let me die. was shot in the head. i told him baby boy, you're going to be okay. god's with you and i'm with you here, too.
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>> and thankfully that 9-year-old is in good condition this morning. again, he was just grazed. police believe he was not the intended target. well, allentown's mayor is weighing in after the arrest of his police chief's son in what's being called a case of road rage. 22-year-old christopher fitzgerald is accused of pointing a loaded gun at undercover detectives last friday night in whitehall township. the police affidavit says fitzgerald stopped his car in the middle of macarthur road and aimed his gun at two detectives in the car behind him. allentown's mayor says this is not a city matter. >> he has an adult son. he has an issue that happened outside the city of allentown. i have no comment. there's no official response from the city at this point. it had nothing to do with us. >> the police chief tells nbc 10 that his son is a good kid and he says the rest of the story will come out in court. another american doctor has come down with ebola. the missionary group serving the mission says the doctor was
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treating women at a liberiaen hospital. it's unclear how the doctor contracted the virus. more than 1,500 people have died from ebola in west africa. this morning, in kansas city, police say they found an suv reported missing from a neighborhood where three people were shot to death and two others wounded yesterday. they're still looking for the gunman. police have not identified the victims but say they are all adults. no word on a possible motive. the parents of the 9-year-old girl who accidentally shot and kled a shooting range instructor, they say they're devastated by the tragedy. they released a statement saying they're praying for the instructor's family. that came as investigators released the reports andç 911 recordings from that incident that happened at a gun range in arizona. the police report names the child's parents but does not list their hometown. prosecutors have said no charges will be filed. the daughter of comedian joan rivers is now confirming
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her mother is on life support. the 81-year-old has been at a new york hospital since last thursday when she stopped breathing during a vocal cord procedure. rivers has recently been a co-star of a reality star with her daughter and host of a fashion talk show. seven teenagers are still on the loose this morning near nashville, tennessee, after escaping from a detention center. officials say 30 teens originally got away from the center monday night after breaking out of four different locked dorms. police found some of them walking along roads while others either turned themselves in or were turned in by family members. listen to this, a teenager in south carolina is suing that state's department of motor vehicles because it will not allow him to wear make-up in his driver's license photo. the 16-year-old says he regularly wears make-up and women's clothing. the dmv will not let him wear make-up because it has a policy that bans someone from deliberately altering his or her appearance in a photo. the lawsuit says the dmv is
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violating the teen's rights. the dmv has made no response at this point. red flags are up in south padre island, texas. tropical storm dolly making an appearance there. rough surf keeping people out of the water. rain soaked mexico's gulf coast where school was canceled and shelters open. the storm could bring up to a foot of rain to that region. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the rain has ended in philadelphia but there's still clouds around this morning. temperatures are in the 70s. a live view, looking across the delaware, no sign of any fog this morning like we've had for the last several days. mostly cloudy and 75 in philadelphia. that number is down. humidity 79%, nowhere near as high as the last couple days with just a little bit offive abreeze, a shift in the windç will help us dry out today. still rain in cape may, live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the last showers are moving through right now. they're just about done.
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the heavier showers and thunderstorm activities that rolled through overnight is completely offshore. there's still clouds around, nothing falling from the clouds off to the north and west. it will take some time to clear. we'll start off with clouds but wind up with a good deal of sunshine, especially this afternoon. 75 in philadelphia, northeast philly down to 72 in wilmington. overall, temperatures are cooler than yesterday's warm start. 69 in oxford, allentown at 68 along with quakertown. it's in the lower to middle 70s in delaware, right at 71 degrees for vineland and clayton. into a warm afternoon but a dry afternoon, too, it will break out in sunshine at the shore today. 85 degrees and the humidity comes down a bit more for thursday. tomorrow, 84 the high temperature and lots of sunshine but it starts to get more humid as the winds shift friday afternoon. we'll see southerly winds to 10 miles an hour. inland expect more heat. the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> 20 minutes after 4:00 now.
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we mentioned earlier that more schools are starting today in parts of the area. of course that means a little more traffic out there later this morning. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele will keep us posted of any delays on the roads. we saw a lot of that increased volume yesterday morning. i anticipate more today. right now no volume on the majors, though. this is a live look at 76 at girard avenue. quiet in both directions. 76 is looking great. your drive times between the blue route and the vine 14 minutes both ways right now. average speeds on 76, just past the conshohocken curve. mid-50s on the blue route, same situation on 95. that'sment midst of a construction zone. we have road work set up on 95 southbound on bartrum avenue. no delays in that construction zone. on shoulder of the garden state parkway northbound right on 72, stafford township. chris? up next, class is in session.ç it may look like a hotel but it's actually a school like no
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other. its doors just opened to area students. and a familiar face on the field. you're about to see why it shows perfect sense to show you a little something from the los angeles dodgers game last night.
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there she is. mo'ne davis still in the spotlight. the breakout star of the little league world series threw out the first pitch last night at l.a. stadium. last night she even took some time to sign autographs for some of the dodgers players. we'll have to find out if she and clayton kershaw will have a pitchoff anytime soon. the cleanup work is all done
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now along the ben franklin parkway after last weekend's big made in america musikfest val. a live look at the area that took place. state police say 14 people were cited for underage drinking on saturday. 10 citations were issued sunday. one adult, a delaware man was arrested, he was charged with public drunkingness and disorderly conduct. some news out of our trenton bureau, a princeton university employee is on leave over a medical marijuana battle. the campus dining manager says he was told he couldn't work at princeton if he uses medicinal marijuana even when he's not on the job. the worker who is also running for congress in the legalized marijuana party says his health issues qualify him for that drug. the school released this statement to nbc 10, princeton university is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for employees who have a disability.
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the individual met with university administrators tuesday morning to discuss the process. it should be noted employers in new jersey do not have to accommodate medical marijuana used in the workplace. from our delaware bureau, the brand new early college high school at delaware state university is now open in dover. the precharter school allows high schoolers to take college classes for college credits they can use anywhere. classes are being held in a building that was once a hotel. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clouds are overhead and the last few showers are falling this morning in cape may. big storms overnight. thunderstorms are well offshore. right now, 74 degrees at 4:26. jillian mele is watching traffic. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. this is a live look at the blue route near 76. both directions clear. northeast extension is free of any problems as far as accidents go. we do have normal construction out there, especially near
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lansdale. coming up in a few minutes, i'll take you to a live look at the expressway. first, we go to jesse gary. a lot of fire activity in the middle of east wadsworth avenue here as firefighters put out what was a fire in a day-care center. details coming up after the break.
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nbc 10 breaking news. we are following breaking news in philadelphia. fire breaks out inside a day-care center. we're live on the scene with new information. also following breaking news overseas. it is being called a sickening act of brutality. another video that apparently
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shows an american journalist beheaded by islamic militants. the united states just issued a statement on that video. a cooler evening after strong storms move across our region overnight but the heat will return. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tre >> i'm chris cato. you know what else is returning to the link soon? >> yes, football. >> believe it or not, sunday it's here. it doesn't feel like football weather, though, this morning. meteorologist bill henley is standing by. >> what is football weather. >> cool and crisp, 8 inches of -- >> no, not around here anywhere. it's cooler and not as humid either. you'll see a shift in the wind, those are northwesterly winds blowing the flags on the aramark building. showers move offshore, the last few just ended in cape may. a slight chance of a few more


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